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The CGIAR Initiative on Climate Resilience, also known as ClimBeR, aims to transform the climate adaptation capacity of food and agricultural systems in low- and middle-income countries. Its goal is to tackle vulnerability to climate change at its roots and support countries as they adapt and build equitable and sustainable futures.

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ClimBeR’s G4R program aims to initially tackle the limitations of existing institutional arrangements. First, it will improve multi-level coordination between different political administrative levels in society, focusing on balancing top-down and bottom-up activities. Second, it will work to overcome the institutional rigidity that currently limits horizontal interaction within local government, where the role of helping society adapt to climate change is often viewed as a single task assigned to one sector. This tunnel-vision prevents different sectors and departments from being involved, and constrains the extent to which systems – such as those relating to food and water provision – are able to adapt to climate change. Finally, it will seek to enhance coordination between private and public entities, encouraging participatory approaches that respect the highly localized character of effective climate adaptation while facilitating knowledge sharing.

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CGIAR and IWMI thanks our partners for their research contributions and support. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our partnerships and collaborations in the future.


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